Alessandro De Gloria

Alessandro De Gloria is Professor of Electronics and Coordinator of the Master's Degree in Electronic Engineering at the University of Genoa. In the Electronic Group Association (GE), the Italian association of professors in Electronic Engineering, is the national manager of the applications sector and local manager of the Genoese unit. His main research interests are: computer architectures, embedded systems, cooperation and vehicular security, Human-Computer Interaction, neuro-physiological signal processing, technology-enhanced learning, modeling and simulation, virtual reality, and Serious Games. De Gloria has guided more than 10 EU research projects over the last 15 years from a global or local manager, in particular he was the coordinator of the Game and Learning Alliance (GaLA), the NoE Fp7 IST-ICT on Serious Games (31 partners) in period 2010-2014. In the field of multimedia systems, De Gloria a was the coordinator of E-Tour, FP5 IST-ICT project pioneer on mobile applications, and WP leader for technical development in other FP IST-ICT projects such as ELU, G @ L and Vital Mind. ELIOS Lab, directed by De Gloria, has developed - in FP projects such as: Active, Comunicar and Aide, in collaboration with leading EU manufacturers and suppliers - a configurable and integrated driver information system. In the IP SAFESPOT, he was responsible for the development of applications based on vehicle-infrastructure collaboration. De Gloria has published over 170 articles in peer-reviewed international conferences and journals.

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