Fouad Sakr

Fouad received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Computer and Communication Engineering from the Lebanese International University in 2017 and 2019, respectively. His current research interests involve Artificial Intelligence, Embedded Machine/Deep Learning, Edge Computing, and Cloud Computing.

Additional Info

  • Project title: Supporting Machine Learning Edge to Cloud
  • Research project:

    The research focuses on designing and developing an environment which allows machine/deep learning algorithms to function on resource-scarce edge devices such as microcontroller units. The system should be able to achieve comparable performance when compared to a typical CPU/GPU device with the advantage of reduced latency and power consumption, and increased efficiency and privacy due to the proximity of the device to the sensor. The proposed architecture should also be able to manage the data from the sensors so that essential data is maintained and the storage capacity of the device is not exceeded. Also, the framework should be as much as possible platform-independent and extensible.

  • Primary Supervisor(s): Francesco Bellotti
  • Secondary Supervisor(s): Joseph Doyle
  • PhD cycle: XXXV