Nobel John William

Nobel received his B.E. degree in Electronic and Communications Engineering from Anna University, India in 2008 and M.Sc. degree in Telecommunications from University of Valencia, Spain in 2012. His experience spans the likes of premier telecommunication OEMs and energy consulting companies in the capacity of an engineer and with his latest industry assignment being Project Manager (reporting to Chairman). Nobel has also worked as Faculty in academia at a leading Business school in India. His research interests include Machine Learning, cognitive Radios, Internet of Things, self-awareness, Dynamic Bayesian Networks and Graph neural networks. He is currently a PhD scholar under the JD-ICE programme.

Additional Info

  • Project title: Study of spectrum sensing paradigms and resource allocation strategies based on ML methods with inherent explainabilty for cognitive radio applications in V2X scenario
  • Research project:

    This PhD primarily aims to focus on how the dynamic Bayesian models and related machine learning tools/techniques, the likes of deep learning and graph neural networks, Reinforcement learning, etc. can be used with explainability for the users (for better trust and legal compliance) in a Cognitive Dynamic System framework of a V2X scenario, the autonomous vehicles are self-aware and have inherent interruption/intrusion mitigation mechanisms to accommodate highly dynamic environments

  • Primary Supervisor(s): Carlo Regazzoni
  • Secondary Supervisor(s): TBD
  • PhD cycle: XXXVI