Ali Krayani

Ali received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering from Politecnico di Torino (Italy) in 2014 and from University of Florence (Italy) in 2017, respectively. He worked as a Software Engineer for several companies and he is currently a JD ICE PhD candidate. His current research interests include Cognitive Radios, self-awareness, Dynamic Bayesian Networks and Machine Learning.

Additional Info

  • Project title: Learning self-awareness models for physical layer security in Cognitive Radios
  • Research project:

    This PhD project focuses on learning dynamic environmental models in Cognitive Radios. Different machine learning algorithms and techniques will be exploited to analyse the dynamic behaviour of user and jammer within a cognitive radio network, and to optimise the cognitive radio performance against jammer attacks. The user and jammer activities will be characterised by their statistical properties through Bayesian models, and the current state of the observed entities will be estimated and their actions in the near future will be predicted through probabilistic graphical models. The project will demonstrate how the interaction between user and jammer in cognitive radios can be modelled by coupling multiple Dynamic Bayesian networks in a way that users can successfully avoid the jammer.

  • Primary Supervisor(s): Carlo Regazzoni, Lucio Marcenaro
  • Secondary Supervisor(s): Yue Gao
  • PhD cycle: XXXIV