Muhammad Farrukh Shahid

Muhammad did his BSC in Telecommunication Eng. (2010) and MEng in Communication Systems and Networks (2013) at Mehran Uni. of Eng. and Technology, Pakistan. He worked as a lecturer in the Dep. of Electrical Eng. at COMSATS Inst. of Inf. Technology (2013-2015) and in the College of Eng. at the Karachi Inst. of Economics and Technology (2015-2017), Pakistan. His research interests focus on dynamic spectrum modeling for cognitive radio, machine learning techniques for cognitive environment and adaptive modulation techniques for wireless communication.

Additional Info

  • Project title: Incremental learning techniques for proactive anti-jamming in Cognitive and Software Radio
  • Research project:

    This PhD project develops the understanding of jamming and anti-jamming attacks in Cognitive Radio Networks. The study involves the investigation of jamming and anti-jamming techniques in the dynamic spectrum of cognitive radio with the objective of detecting and tracking jammer present in a cognitive radio spectrum along with legitimate users, using Dynamic Bayesian Networks. The dynamic spectrum modeling is developed using Bayesian filtering, Switching models, Particle filter, Kalman filter and Machine learning techniques as a tool, can switch a user transmission in the case of jammer attacks, and attempts to minimize jamming attacks in cognitive radio.

  • Primary Supervisor(s): Carlo Regazzoni, Lucio Marcenaro
  • Secondary Supervisor(s): Frank Gao
  • PhD cycle: XXXIII