Divya Thekke Kanapram

Divya did her BSC in Electronics and Communication Engineering at University College of Engineering, Trivandrum, India. After a period in Industry, she obtained her MS in Multimedia Signal Processing and Telecommunication Networks in 2014 from University of Genoa, Italy. Her research interests include machine learning and Internet of Things for interactive and cognitive environments, and networks of 'Ego things'.

Additional Info

  • Project title: Ego things: networks of self-aware intelligent objects
  • Research project:

    This PhD project focuses on probabilistic signal-processing architectures and techniques to represent and capture generality, self-awareness, adaptability, flexibility and reconfigurability of an Internet of Things system through a learning experience in order to make the “Things” adapting their behaviors in the non-stationary environments where they operate. Specific focus will be given to the communication and cooperation issues between the entities (ego things) in the network. An in-depth analysis of the Cognitive Dynamic System framework associated with the 'Ego-Things' will be performed to understand how Dynamic Bayesian models and machine learning techniques can be employed.

  • Primary Supervisor(s): Mario Marchese, Carlo Regazzoni
  • Secondary Supervisor(s): Eliane L. Bodanese
  • PhD cycle: XXXIII