Andrea Toma

Andrea obtained his Masters in Communication Engineering in 2014 from University of Salento (Italy). His main research focused on the localisation problem in Wireless Sensor Networks where he gained experience at Austrian Institute of Technology (Vienna) and University of Salento. He is currently a PhD candidate and involved in the JD ICE programme.

Additional Info

  • Project title: Cognitive radio for PHY-layer security against jamming attacks
  • Research project:

    This PhD project focuses on algorithms and methods based on compressed-sensing theory as enabler for cognitive radio terminals for opportunistic spectrum usage. Since the proposed research addresses the problem of "non-stationary spectrum", time-frequency analysis in a compressed-sensing framework is investigated through the S-transform in order to perform signal processing in both the domains. The subsequent objective is to exploit recent advances in Machine Learning such as Generative Adversarial Networks to detect potential malicious signals and predict the strategy used by the jammer to disrupt legitimate communications. 
    The applications of the proposed research are the "nSHIELD project" based on a hardware platform with software-defined devices to optimise external attack robustness and "TV White Space (TVWS)" composed of unused channels in the digital terrestrial TV band which can be occupied by secondary users.

  • Primary Supervisor(s): Carlo Regazzoni, Lucio Marcenaro
  • Secondary Supervisor(s): Frank Gao
  • PhD cycle: XXXII